Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bear Traps and Riffraff


All Boss Conners saw was a blur of soft fur, followed by crushing sorrow, for the beast had stolen his award winning chili recipe.


Anonymous said...

who took a cookie if a cookie took a tookie?

Anonymous said...

ookie did. Cuz he was workin on the wookie purse the wookie purchased in the from the gutter punk pugilist in the uglyverse.

Anonymous said...

you see the wookie Is a foot doc. Podiatry is the focus at the uglyversity. Where ookie and wookie took cookie cutter short cuts through short classes and peeps through sordid glasses. They took peeps because they walk-sleeped. It's easier when your a ookie or a irritated wookie to stay awake in massive foot classes at the snug fog bug dig uglyversity if you snot blood all over the place. And that's why what's his name was a pugilist. They had to beat eachothers asses and wash eachothers glasses and wipe eachothers windsheilds to stay awake in spaceships. They were all serbians too. Except for flog opy who was Croatian. Flog Opy opted to be the sworn enemy of which ookie? The other one wookie. And that's why and how and who shot the one who got dead when the cookie was found crumbled. Oops. I opened a popped strawberry.