Friday, June 12, 2009

I Love Sonic Youth, but I Hate Kim Gordon

Her voice sounds like a bear having an orgasm while taking a shit (it's possible).

To love a band, yet abhor an essential member of that band is frivolous, no? Kind of a waste of time thinking on it. Same goes for writing about it... I'm ashamed of myself.

Sonic Youth - "Sunday" - Starring Macaulay Culkin. Directed by Harmony Korine. Seriously.

Different topic... There's an artist that goes by the name of Skinner. His paintings are psychotic fever dreams of multi-colored monsters stabbing each other inside a prismatic chaos realm. I'm a fan.



Find more at his site, The Art of Skinner.


Pancake Master said...

I think her voice sounds pretty appropriate for the sounds the band makes (I love both, just to clarify).

Sonic Youth is playing under the Arch for FREE on July 17th. ROAD TRIP!?

Anonymous said...

that beast with the diamond eye is my new favorite beast