Monday, March 2, 2009

Can't Shit for Nothin'




Unreliable guts
I wish would spill

Little sips of coffee


Doing the math

3 days since
plus 2 days laxatives
plus 1 day pleading
equals fuckin' dick!

Why won't this happen?

Forever waiting

Staring at the enema
a last resort
bullet in the chamber
just in case

Still waiting


Thinking about
the countless days
I've surrendered to my bowels,
an orphan-strength sadness
overtakes me

Jesus Christ!
Imagine what it'll be like
when I'm 20 years older,
stiffly wading in
the shallows of
a park district pool

With a can't shit grimace
that can be seen for miles



mike said...

i never heard of a man trying to serinade a turd with poetry...but who am i to doubt

Scotch and Salad said...

cheer up kid douche. it'll come. or you'll die of constipation. the landlord will find you in a tub of your own gas surrounded by alley cats. no one will be at your funeral because no one wants to be associated with "that shut-in who smells like triscuit farts." but i'll remember you when you didn't. for a bit. i'll even adopt one of those alley cats and name it after you: jewish.

Anonymous said...

meybe you'd doodoo better if you went back to one post a day. It's all about consistency get it? Oooooo that's gross. Fabajab karplo out.