Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fear the Worst: The Truth About Obama (With Action Figures!)

Look how quickly Obama turned into an slouchy, obese, shrugging, plastic faced mute...

Nothing says take me seriously like action figures, masks, and horrible impressions.

Hold on... I get it now. These "birther", "death panel", and "liberty" kooks are essentially teenagers. Teenage minds trapped in ugly, flabby bodies. And they really hate their new black stepfather.


Here's some equivalent translations from kook to teenager:

"He's not an American citizen!" = "You're not my real father!"

"They're trying to take away my guns!" = "They're trying to take away my videogames!"

"I miss Ronald Reagan." = "I miss Kurt Cobain."

"Global warming is bullshit!" = "Hand jobs are bullshit!"



Matt and Jeanie said...

that was one of the most painful things i've ever watched.

Scotch and Salad said...

thank you old lady in a spartan helmet and two fat people with masks.

Anonymous said...

And yet the actual certificate remains AWOL. I wonder why he doesn't just release the damned thing (you know, like McCain did) and settle the whole debacle.

Kid Douche said...

Because that would unravel his diabolical scheme to raise taxes, enslave white children, and murder old people. Jeez, get with it, idiot.