Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baffled Big Cheese

I just woke up, and after some light stretching to make sure my exo-skeleton was properly aligned, I watched a music video that made me somewhat happy. He she is...

It's by Thievery Corporation. I knew nothing about them or what they were about, but I liked the hazy southwestern visuals, the woman's voice, and trip hop vibe without all the lyrical bleakness of Portishead.

I wanted to know more about Thievery Corporation, and without a second thought, I popped open my laptop and went web hunting. This has become second nature for me. Made aware of something potentially awesome, I instantly check the internet, obtaining pertinent information easily. That's the problem. It's too fucking easy. The time between enchantment and deflation has become mere minutes.

I got some Thievery Corporation songs off Hype Machine and searched google for images of the band. Talk about disillusion. The songs kinda really sucked. New reggae electronic horsecrap! And the "band" was just two regular looking douchey schmoes in leather jackets, surrounded by DJ equipment. Lame. Where was the girl with the voice? It turns out she was a guest on that song. A delicious aberration.

In 10 minutes, I went from imagining how boss their other songs must sound like, and wondering if all their videos were as cool as that one, to completely dismissing the whole operation as a sham to dupe handsome gentlemen like myself into believing that summer is just a state of mind or something.

I blame the internet.

...But then again, the internet also has this...


I'm torn.

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Scotch and Salad said...

yeah, they're horrible. i checked them out on austin city limits out of nothing more than curiosity at the name. someone should "thieve" their music away so no one has to listen to it again. the kinda shit you hear at a barnes & noble cafe.