Thursday, December 4, 2008

Weird, Odd, Strange, & Plus

Howdy, pilgrims.

Our site tracker collects data on how people find our site. We've done a few of these in the past. It's amazing that this blog came up first or second when people searched for the terms below. And weird. But I like weird, and if you're reading this, you like weird, too. Ga-gow!


Starting now, I'll do a post on the weirdest search phrases from the previous month. And I will select the first, second, and third best phrases from them all. These are the cream of the crop, people. Enjoy!

Referrals for November

"Arnold Schwarzenegger perm" (It's all the rage in Thailand)

"Andre the Giant was a Jew?" (I wish. But no, he was not. Check my "biography" of him here)

"creepy adult babies"

"fleshlight alien"

"the life of BABE BROTH THE BASEBALL PLAYER" (Babe Broth was underrated)

"hairy douche" (Robin Williams?)

"fleshlight crystal"

"douche for sale" (3rd place)

"clayface nephew" (1st place)

"Kid N Play on Sesame Street"

"fdr was a pig killer" (It's true, he ran 'em over with his wheel chair)

"beginner guitar pack boner"

"douche making lips numb" (don't douche with Novocaine, dummkopf)

"Soup carl" (Daddy?)

"Carlos Zambrano gay" (Say that to his face and discover a world of lasers)

"beard syndrome"

"mumia chipmunk" (2nd place) That gives me an idea...

"washing LSD off clothes" (idiot)

"knee skins sale" (stock up, ma)

"can i put lsd in soup" (yes, but you shouldn't)

"cannibal beach" (romantic honeymoon?)


"fat guy fleshlight" (no!)

"toronto lsd guide" (The only time I'd consider taking LSD would be at a hockey game up north. Think about all the vapor trails and colors as the players flew around the ice, chasing an insignificant black disk. Oh, the things people do for rubber black disks. How foolish and fun it would all seem on LSD...then again, think of the violent collisions and 20,000 people surrounding me. Freaking out is a definite possibility. I'd have to enlist the aid of a WindMILF...Nah, if I freak out at a hockey game, my brain would forever associate hockey with panic. I love hockey too much to let that happen. Good call, Kid Douche)

"douche pontoon" (all aboard!)

"carl david hyman jr kiddie sex"

"DRAGONBALL Z kamasutra" (Vegeta...eeewwwww)

"put fleshlight inside teddy bear" (Sir, yes, sir!)

"sister and daughter douche sex pictures" (

And here's a little claymation zombie gore short that I was really impressed with. Good stuff starts around 1:00.

Smeh-hellz ya later, brobrah.

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