Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gargling Hydrochloric Acid Is Known To Cure Angel Knees

I finally got onto our site tracker. Here's our google search collection! These are all 100% true.

radio raheem (sure)
adult babies (fucking weird)
deepak chopra sparkle glasses (who doesn't want a pair? $5.99)
ads that i love (me too!)
iggy pop children (so who wants to be a punk rock pedo)
Banksy as a kid (how bout a gangsta)
rodney king beating (what the fuck? this is the third one)
where's kid n play (my house)
kid n play dance moves (my bed)
"white bitches" (ditto)
USS Kid (USS kidfucker)
Jamie Caliri's dragon animation (I have one)
stick it to my wife (and how!)
sassafras lass (this really makes me happy)
three easy steps just flip it and stick it (duh!)

1 comment:

Kid Douche said...

The "stick it to my wife" search is the only one that I find a wee bit odd. The other searches make sense.

I could investigate, but I'm afraid of what I'd find...probably Newports and a roast beef hologram.