Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For Sale: Knee Brace With Skin Attached

Blog Update:

As you may have noticed, our favorite Cheekbone Rubdown Specialist, Monty's Baseball Soup, is back and on point with a devastating left hook of a post. Laser!

Enough juice, though. It's time to announce the winner of our mascot contest.
It's RadBread.

Hoodie Hoo!

I actually haven't decided what RadBread's persona will be just yet. I got ideas, though...

1. Hard boiled city cop re-assigned to the suburbs.

2. Extreme sports dude in the 80's vein. See Thrashin'. Fuckin' Daggers ruin everything for the Webster.

3. Old-timey shoe shine boy/newsie. You know, street smart kid with moxie and whatnot.
(via Shorpy)

4. Paranoid schizophrenic with abrupt bladder emptying issues.

5. Enthusiastic, foul-mouthed, opinionated, insane, seen-it-all, philosophical piece of toast with abandonment issues.

We'll be developing this character as the future draws near. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

I say good day to you.

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