Thursday, September 25, 2008

Carl Winslow's Corner: Deranged Orgasmic Rampage

Hey gang! It's your old friend and favorite TV dad again, Carl Winslow.

I just got back from the doctor, and he seems to think that my earlier behavior was the result of a benign brain tumor, and with the help of some pills he gave me, I can actually shrink the tumor, and return to my old sane self.

Well I got news for that motherfuckin' doctor; He can kiss my ass and blow my shit backwards if he thinks I'm gonna be taking any pills! I like who I've become. I like waking up with chunks of my thighs missing. I'm sucking out life forces, and living life in the fun lane.

In fact, I had a little fun at the medical building today before my doctor's appointment. I walked into a dentist's office on the third floor, killed Mister Dentist, assumed his identity, and puked in his patient's mouth.

Then I went to my doctor's appointment like nothing happened. Easy Peasy.

Been spreading my breast milk around, too.

You wouldn't believe how many people were raging to Carl Winslow's sweet milk.

As for me, I'm into latex cat bitches. I see them all day long regardless of whose toaster I tinkle in, so I'd better be into them. They're up in my sandwiches, too. I savor the flavor they leave behind.
You can really taste their shadows.
(original HCP via Uglyfood)

I've found that if you roll with insanity and don't fight it, everything comes into focus. You will become whatever you desire. The meat fortress of life awaits bold souls who cast off the shackles of rational thought and plunge deep into the gaga pond.
(original meat hut photo via Uglyfood)

I'll be there, children, dreaming of sac dragons and crapping black dust.

Hope to see you soon.

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Anonymous said...

Much appreciated, man...I laughed my ass off when I saw this post...