Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween is For Haters

Based on tonight's events, a new personal tradition has been born. From now on, I will ride my bike through the Wicker Park bar district at 2am on Halloween night every year, for the rest of my life.


Because of the remarkable and hilarious sight of people in costumes stumbling home drunk, tired, and sad. I just saw a bleary-eyed Cruella De Ville hunched over a burrito on the curb. That's why.

2am is clearly the time when the facade of fantasy wears off and the party people wobble back to their apartments to sober up. Faded makeup and stained French maid outfits in tow. It's like seeing a dream unmistakably die right before your eyes. Brutal yet exhilarating.

Until next year...

(via Brendan Donnelly)

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