Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hey kids of the fireside!.

We aren't frenz. We should be barring one event short. Waaaittt; a second.

You've never told a story huh?

I've told one.

My dear Zordlings// \start


\end west

You've turned west.!


Help \ c:\help.txt not found

A damn shame.

You're reading this right?

Geniuois shit. Not reallllly. The buttons is broke. The eternally missing help file. We all kind of want one. The idea that we have to function is kind of weird.


Do you remember one year ago right now? Tell me please. radbombz [at] yah oo .com.

k? thx! You have to love when you know the crunch of defeat,

the sound of end times!

For your honor/dignit-ee.

Slam poetry. I kind of giggle when I say that, only because everyone else fucked it up.

I woke up. The eyes I have were wet and heavy. ATM. Someone had made the paper unicorn floor tiles. The origami james Hetfelf. Field? Always capitalize. Kidz.

Do you feel marginalized kids?

Like you aren't worth more than the products you're marketed two?

Sucks right? You still kid of talk like Willis. B.T. Willis. Bruce The Willis.

Get it? The ole Look Who's Talking/Talkin joke.

I'm Monty'sd Baseball Soup people.

That guy.

I left that d there. I'm sorry D.

Those bells ring. That jeep you rode as a kid. It's ok. I find it's ok to remember childhood. Being terrified of life is ok, apparently. In an age where fear is not only expected but feared if not there. How can you relate to someone not scared? Fear is the great joiner, right?

The thing every single person ever has felt is fear. No matter what we are united in that fact. The target is irrelevant. We've all been absolutely terrified.

Late nineties Trip Hop is cool. So fucking good. The faster you admit it's good the sooner we move on. And rip it off unrelentingly til it's mined of class and good beats.

Then My Bloody Valentine plays. It's ok. OK.??

That's all we/me/all want. To be OK. For a second. A minute. A day.

To feel like it's All Right. A moments peace.


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Kid Douche said...

He's baaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaack

Where you been, sasshole?