Monday, November 17, 2008

I've Got The Arthritis In Atlantis (Sung To The Tune Of Cinderelli In Chord D)

If you think it through it works well, I think.

Sung to the tune of misery.

Am I the only person who sees a vein of nihilism in every conversation?

Everyone I know is on the brink of total collapse.

By everyone I mean me.

And by me I mean all of us. Douglas Coupland is an amazing writer. He shot his wad too early. He pegged Gen-X as the dejected and over educated. Bull Shit. What about Us? The completely rejected and over educated not because of money but because we seek reason in a world of madness. Raised in broken homes and lonely times, Origami does not a friend make.

When I was a kid I spent a lot of time in libraries. Not because of a need for learning but because I sought a companion. Craft books make great friends when your only true companion is a hobby. When I needed friends I would read harder. I would work more to avoid the fact that in middle school loneliness is not common, or fun, or hip.

I don't get current nerd chic. I learned and read because I was too awkward, too un-socialized to be a birthday buddy.

I love pop music because it provides those feelings foreign to me.

Take from that what you already have.

I know I'm not the only pessimistic person from birth. Being dealt a bad hand today doesn't mean blues. It means standard. Everyone has it hard because being aimless and hopeless is no longer a John Hughes fantasy. It's something we all face. The degreed and serving.

How many people do you know are more intelligent than the people they serve?

How many times can I get drunk before it's old? How about you?

We all exist somewhere between mild breakdown and complete nervous system overload. Is that healthy? No. Does anyone in advertising care? No. Your free time is up for sale. Every blank thought should be filled with consumerist need. I have my addictions. You have yours. We all have one. It may not be chemical. I'm horribly addicted to music that makes me feel "OK".

Not for fun or enjoyment. As a mid-twenties nervous breakdown, I need it. I need to know something will be ok. Otherwise, I'm lost in my own internal neurotic rambling. The desperate fear of being totally isolated because my social skills are intensely uncomfortable. For me and anyone in a point five mile radius.

What gets you through your day? The mild hope of a human interaction not marred by fear and crippling self consciousness? That's our hope. Being hyper aware of you, yourself, all the millions of scenarios played by pop culture for you,

This moment brought to you by Sony, BMG, Zach Braff, and pseudo-involved interactions with everyone.

Do yourself a favor. Walk away. Take a breath. No one can take the time you set for yourself. Dream the dream of a life not wrapped in pain and fear. The burrito of our times. Good Day.


Scotch and Salad said...

I'm addicted to masturbation. And by masturbation I mean crossword puzzles. And by crossword puzzles I mean masturbating to crossword puzzles.

Joshua Bloodgin said...

I'm listening to fallout boy and playing fallout 3 right now. Burn a candle in my honor