Monday, November 24, 2008

Rambo A-Go-Go

Have you seen the new Rambo? It's all heads being chopped off and exploding shins. And some shaky-cam infant slaughter thrown in for good measure.

How many steroid-filled syringes has Sylvester Stallone popped into his stump? Judging by his monstrous neck, I'd say a duffel bag full. I wouldn't rule out pit bull DNA injections as well. Maybe that explains the mindset of a film where everything erupts in red slop and a child is torn from his father's arms and thrown into a burning house. Jesus!

New Rambo carnage...I don't toss around the word pogrom a lot, or at all, but this is pretty much what I'd expect a pogrom to look like.

There's also some moral hooey about interfering in another nation's misery, and fighting for humanitarian rights, but all that goes out the window when a man holding a small child gets shot in the back and the bullet goes through the kid as well. Social commentary voided. And all these moments I'm describing are edited together really fast, leaving no time to process what you just saw.

If it was up to me, I'd rename this film Zoom Zoom Burmese Guttin' Hut.

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Pancake Master said...

Man, I loved the new RAMBO movie. I saw it and THERE WILL BE BLOOD one night, one right after the other. RAMBO kicked ass, TWBB was weak. Thank God I saw RAMBO 2nd.