Monday, October 13, 2008

Stumbling Into The 20th Century

I can only provide enough power for three to six catalytic converters, really. On this battery acid fueled one way nose dive, nobody wins. Just pluck away at a banjo or three. Even 3.14 would be sufficient enough banjo.

Should I be capitalizing banjo? Banjo.

Grappling with these science traptions makes me wonder if I had word important enough could I make it spell check compliant? That's how we verify reality. You have to have a third party collective unconscious.

Coated in a blanket of rust and salt, you only have one real way to walk, trudge.

Like some post-modern western cyber-cowboy on the brink of self destruction. Poised to rush into inaction.

Into the pearly gateway lined by french horn players. Dozens of them. Stamping and marching like swollen ants. Trailing behind is a blanket of emotional Goretex(tm). Duster type jackets bring three distinct character archetypes.

The "hip" forty year old. Finding himself through ancient imagery and farce.

The 16 year old with a little too much money and a penchant for Dungeons and Dragons. The real one. Not the one your "nerdy" friends recall. Not the ironic "Hey Remember". The lonely shrouded game of fantasy to avoid the fact that you live in fear of everything around you.

The Crow 2.

I like to envision circuit boards that don't serve a purpose. You look at the remnants and guts of old technology and assume it had function. What if all those pretty brass, copper, and gold rails didn't do anything? Those ominous capacitors that hold time in check with wafers. They have to do something, right? It's maddening to think it might just be an over-engineered paper weight.

I can't sleep again. I'm writing at stupid in the morning. Though I made a discovery. A secret pebble of truth.
DJ Cantakarous. Not a nice person. Can't spell either. Spins great music though.

No pictures.

I Fee Bad For Botch

This is new weekly music review section.

Bombardier - Primal

OK, I have a boner for wicked good industrial music. Like real industrial. Not fucking Velvet Acid Christ, which is basically House music for the heavily make-upped. This guy makes what amounts to walls of organized static with pulsating beats that's danceable, yet complex enough to actually make you want to dance or wear Doc Martens. Definitely awesome.

Two Lone Swordsmen - Section

I can't fault these guys, really. They make pretty safe jazzy/IDM fusion. The thing is, it's really pleasant to listen to. I know it's basically fluff with cool beats. Problem is I like fluff, and cool beats. This song is kind of a driving head bobbing song. You bounce a bit and feel neat (specially the weird 8-bit melodies). They've been doing this for almost a decade, so I can't use the old "Been Done Before" thing because, well they had a hand in starting it. They aren't necessarily obligated to change a whole lot. So fuck it, Two Lone Swordsmen rule.

Dimmu Borgir - Puritania

I can't say too much. You already have an impression. Either it's ridiculous nerdy black metal or you're wearing a bullet belt. Personally I think they're pretty bad ass. This song is them doing their best KMFDM impression and it's just plain fucking rock. I mean, at least with the theatrics and ridiculous lyrics they're better than another indie-pop band writing ironic lyrics to please people that don't actually like anything. METAL FOR FUCKING EVER! As far as the song goes, it's pretty different from standard metal fare with the vocoded lyrics and atmospherics. The only lyrics being proclamations of embodied war and hate. BAD. ASS.

-Monty's Baseball Soups


Joshua Bloodgin said...

Im listening to a Eraldo Bernocci and Harold budd collabo. Its dope. It makes no sense. Its like ambient pianos and reverb in the back of a goonies like movie mixed with a dub stuckuphausen burlap blapablap kabalala tabla blambam. with some break it downs in there too. of course it can suck the dick of everything susumi yakota has ever done.

Joshua Bloodgin said...

susumu. thats his name. like a sumo name sumo, aka Susan Sumo, everyone calls her Sue Sumo

Joshua Bloodgin said...

sumo named susan.

Joshua Bloodgin said...

I dont know if a sumo named sumo would go over well in the sumo world. meybe it would.

Joshua Bloodgin said...

Susan Sumu