Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Creepy and Disturbing Adult Babies

After I killed Radio Raheem, the rest of my Wisconsin lake house holiday went off without a hitch.

I went kayaking

Had shrimp and white wine on a pontoon boat

And slept in a crib

Okay, after searching for pictures of creepy men who sleep in cribs for some sort of depraved delight, I stumbled upon a vast underground network of sites dedicated to grown men dressing up in diapers, wearing adult-sized baby clothes, and playing with dolls. And then I found this site, chronicling the adventures of one very confused individual.

Discovering this site has put me in a delirious state. I feel like the kids at the end of Goonies when their housekeeper found the bag of gems. I couldn't get that specific scene, so this will have to do.

Here's Mama Fratelli getting her head sploded with a basketball... and grooving to the latest headless club anthem

These unfortunate man-babies live among us, invisible to the untrained eye. But if you learn how to spot them from a distance, it is possible to outwit them, thus saving you from the horrors of being locked in a damp, fetid basement, forced to breastfeed a 300 pound Pizza Hut manager named Phil, with Rugrats blaring in the background.

Who's a pretty girl?

In between intense weightlifting sessions, Arnold spent time with his concubine, Sofia

via Jar Jar Sphinx, origin unknown

Brian Posehn's finest moment from Mr. Show

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Joshua Bloodgin said...

O MA GAD THAS NASTY. i bet they had these kind of guys in pilgrim times and they wore starchy weird baby bonnets