Monday, July 21, 2008

For real, Vashti?

Start rant...GO!

So I was watching The Daily Show tonight, and a Reebok commercial comes on featuring all these football players in the desert. Nothing unusual, right? I mean football season is coming soon and ads promoting athletic attire are nothing new, right? WRONG! The song being played over the ad is 'Train Song,' by psychedelic folk artist Vashti Bunyan. That's right, delicate, ethereal-voiced Vashti Bunyan agreed to have her music used to sell workout crap. I don't know how to feel about it yet, but frankly, I'm confused and a little bit sad. Complete overreaction, I know, but it was such a jarring moment to hear her music in tandem with over sized athletes running around that it stirred up some feelings deep within the chilly cavern that is my soul. Then I learned that this isn't the first ad she's been featured in. Check this out:

Here's "Train Song" in its entirety.

End rant...NOW!

You're complaining about Vashti Bunyan?
I don't know who that is, but I heard that music is for pussies.
Get a life, bro!


Anonymous said...

Maybe if you knew the whole story.. that Train Song was released as a single in 1966 in an attempt to bring acoustic music into mainstream pop.. it failed back then. If it succeeds this time it might be an indication that the world has become a slightly better place.. in some places. That a song like Train Song could be chosen for a big ad campaign is a wonder. Music for pussies with "over sized athletes running around" makes me smile.

Pancake Master said...

Yeah that's loco man. Who woulda thought?

Here's the solution: never watch TV again, so you won't ever see commercials. People are always asking me "have you seen that commercial where..." and I can cut them off right there, pretty much, and reply with "nope!" TV on DVD, man, it's the king shit. Forget that other bogus baloney, especially since we're all going to need to convert our tee-vees in February or whatever.