Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Flip It, Stick It, and See You Later, Bye

Q: Who loves overdubbed cartoon dialogue?

A: I do, ya gump-ass bitch!

My favorite one for obvious reasons. This one's for Sugaragus, who has recommended I do an entire post in Jamaican patois. Soon, my son...soon.

The next 2 clips feature Tim and Eric-esque weirdness, of which I bow my head in honor.

And yes, I realize GI Joe-lust has taken over my animal spirit.

Help me, I’m sick.

1 comment:

Pancake Master said...

Yeah dude, the guy that made those has actually written for Tim & Eric:

He's a friend of a friend, and he and the friend came through St. Louis on his way to moving to LA, and I got to be in the movie he was making along the way!