Tuesday, August 12, 2008

U.S.S. Kid Douche Hits Iceberg, Spills Guts

Personal and advice seeking blog alert!

Well, it's been almost a full month since my first blog, and I feel like I've learned a thing or two about perseverance in that time. I really didn't think I'd still be doing the every day posting shuffle, figuring I'd putter out around the two week mark, but here we are. It's been a good way of developing some sort of a creative discipline instead of wasting my time watching DVDs, getting initiated into various gangs, and hitting on the manager of my local Quizno's. I'm proud of myself for keeping this going, even though sometimes the quality of the posts are not what I'd consider top notch, but I'll get to that later. I basically started this as a way to pull myself out of a creative rut and boy oh boy, has it worked like gangbusters (and Ghostbusters). Putting thoughts into action instead of holding them in my vault (mind) has made me realize that I need to actualize, man. Do things instead of not doing things. Unleash my potential like a junk yard dog on pay day.

As I've stated earlier, the catalyst for the creation of this here blog was when I happened to stumble upon Brendan Donnelly's blog. You know how when The Ramones played in a new city, and the people who saw them got inspired to create their own bands? That's pretty much how I felt after seeing the simplicity and hilarity of the Brendan Donnelly blog template (not to mention Street Boners and TV Carnage, Fart Party, The Arab Parrot, and Sorry I Missed Your Party, to name a few). I sort of mimicked the style completely at first, and have slowly been trying to find my own voice and style ever since.

Here's my personal creative issues in a nutshell:

My video projects never get started because it always seems like an overwhelming endeavor, so I put it off, pretty much all the time. I got so used to doing nothing that it became normal.

Here's the stuff I do that makes me feel alive, yet I've been neglecting out of fear, anxiety, laziness, psychosomatic illnesses, guilt, and spite. Enjoy The Ovening! (please note that the first 15 seconds are blank)
The Ovening

As my good friends know, I'm basically a 67-year old man in a 26 year-old's body (hubba hubba). I've got all sorts of medications, bowel disorders, insomnia, anxiety and dental issues. You know, the regular Jew maladies.

I don't like driving and hate almost everyone that I meet. I'm incredibly loyal to the people that I love, but that's just covers my family, and about 7 other people. Everyone else can go fuck themselves with Bagel Bites.

Kid Douche was an easy way for me to start the process of making my life become more like Jurassic Park. I've failed in that respect, but gained many new dinosaur dreams, which are predictably terrifying.

So with all that out of the way, what I'd like to propose is a way for me to have more quality posts, instead of the sometimes questionable ones that piss me off days later when I reread them. I don't know what you, the reader, enjoy the most, and I'd really appreciate some feedback, even negative feedback. Do you like the fake biographies, the pictures, the captions, the meanderings into personal territory, the video clips, the photoshopped crap, the general negativity, or the violent nonsense? Just let me know what the best parts are, and I'll focus on them more. I'm up for anything, really, and haven't decided on what kind of content I want to pursue in depth. Hell, you could suggest that I write a soup diary with status reports on how Ukrainian I feel.

In the meantime, I'm not going to be posting every day anymore. If I do, I'll end up like this:

I will be posting every other day, and my friend Dan, who hasn't picked a handle yet, will be posting as well. I don't have the slightest clue what he will be writing about, but he likes music, drinking, and obscene nonsense, so he'll probably write about that. Here's a picture of him (I'm not kidding, this is really my friend Dan)

He's a computer whiz and knows way more shit than I do about flash and web design and gif making. He's a good friend who's pumped to write, and I have full confidence in his ability to entertain all y'all brain stems.

I'm excited about the prospects of this here blog, because I'm only starting to realize the limitless potential such a forum creates. I'd like thank each and every one the people who check this site out frequently, and hopefully, with some time and effort, it will become a better blog.



Pancake Master said...

I always find myself wondering, "where/how did he find THAT?" But the stuff you make is (predictably) a riot, too (the Renfro/Getty/Stewart in heaven remains my favorite I think). Shit's awesome dude. If people ain't into it, vuck 'em.

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