Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay Batters Cuba, Promises to Never Drink Again

There are some poor souls trying to escape the storm right now, and here I am, making fun of them. It's probably why my rabbi won't look me in the eye anymore.


Anonymous said...

whoah no offense but this blog is a complete rip-off of
you even have a photoshop section like his! what gives?

Kid Douche said...

"No offense, but..." is a lame way to start going off on somebody. Just state your opinion and be a complete asshole instead of an apologetic one. But I digress...

I've stated it in earlier posts, including the first one I've ever posted, that the inspiration for my blog was

and what I've been doing so far has been in the brendan donnelly mold to some extent. So I'm not hiding the fact that I have admiration and take pointers from his blog.
But I'm starting to find my own direction, as I've only been posting for a month now, so chill the fuck out. I'm not trying to steal anybody's thunder or take credit for shit that isn't mine.

This isn't some "Single White Female"-type shit, it's more like a band that listens to the Ramones, gets inspired, plays Ramones-like songs, slowly but surely expands their musical repertoire, and over time they establish their own sound. Growing pains, motherfucker!

All I want to know is... does my blog make you laugh? If it does, great, if it don't, I'd like some more constructive criticism than "what gives?" Capiche?

Now get some sleep, buddy, because the early shift at Arby's is making you cranky.

Kid Douche said...

Check it: