Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kite-Surfing Dumb Ass Ahoy!

Saw this on CNN twenty minutes ago, and thought it needed to be shared. You'll probably see it sooner or later, because this guy's stupidity is flagrant. Tropical Storm Fay is doing its thang on the Florida coast, and dude decided to go kite surfing for reasons only Patrick Swayze in Point Break can understand.

: That guy didn't have to go out like that. What he did was stupid.
Keanu: Whoa, I can't stop staring at that weird mole on your neck.

Hooray for friendship!

Hey buddy, here's how a pro does it while a storm is afoot. Laird Hamilton, surfing on a wave created by a tsunami. Big, long balls.

Watch out for sharks, brah!

Here's another accident, you sick bloodthirsty sumbitch! This one involves a motorcycle and a car. Entirely the (car) driver's fault.

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