Sunday, August 17, 2008


I am Dan, AKA Monty's Baseball Soup. Let's make some tragedy!

Recently I've been obsessed with trading cards, and not the run of the mill Judeo-Christian Sport Cards or the loneliness inducing Collectible Trading Card Games (capitalized to emphasize sadness).

I just imagine objects immortalized by obsessive compulsive nerds with various stats and figures to make it look more "official".


This is Candlepants. I found this unfortunate son of a bitch in a dumpster at Denny's (Lenny's?, fuck I just started and my jokes are already old.) in Des Moines.

Streetfighter: Gay Til Guts

I found this old Commodore 64 and the only cart in it was "Future Backlash Cuntrusher". This is the opening screen.

On a lighter note, I'm having a teaparty and only he and I are invited.

This is why I wish I was a blind samurai.

-Monty's Baseball Soup

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Anonymous said...

re: thomas edison in your profile interests? really?? i don't think we can be friends anymore.

also, candlepants is a pretty good card whose worth is only rivaled by the card for the fire hydrant that sprays nothing but blood.